Flip all the tortoises right side up before time runs out.

How to Play

Jump over a tortoise to flip it over. Click on the piece you want to move, then click on the square you want to move it to. The squares you can jump to will be highlighted with a green circle. Click on a green circle to jump to that square. All of the tortoises you pass over will flip. To cancel a jump, just click on the tortoise again.


Move Bonus: Use as few moves as possible to score bonus points.

Time Bonus: Complete the levels quickly to score a time bonus.

Fruit Bonus: Land on fruit to score fruit bonuses. Fruits bonus increase for each fruit eaten 100>300>600>900>1200. It is often not possible to get all the fruit on each level.

Multiplier Bonus: Complete the level with tortoises on "x2" squares to get point multipliers. It is often not possible to end a level on one or more multiplier squares.