It's a snowball fight! Defeat all the enemies before you loose all your hearts.

How to Play

Defeat all the enemies on a level to pass the level. When you beat a level the time left on the clock will be turned into bonus points. If time runs out you will loose one heart and run away scared to the next level. If you get hit too many times and loose all your hearts it's game over.

- Click below the dotted line to move to that spot
- Click above the dotted line to throw a snowball
- Stand still to dig for new snowballs (refill your ammo)

To aim, wait for the arrow to point at the object you want to hit. The arrow moves back and forth on its own. When it is lined up with your target click to throw a snowball in that direction. You can also bounce snowballs off the edge of the screen to perform some tricky shots.


On each level there is at least one hidden Christmas Pickle. Hit it to score a cheery 2000 points! It's worth a look!

You can get point multipliers if you hit a star and then a target with the same snowball. Lining up the shot can be tricky but you can score massive points.

On some levels your little sister will tag along with you. If you keep her safe and beat the level, she will give you a heart to refill some of your lost health. If you beat a level and keep the woodland creatures safe, they will give you 1000 bonus points each.

The better you play the game the more interesting and challenging things you will see. If you are having trouble with a level don't give up. You can use your coins to upgrade your character and make it easier to get farther.


When you defeat another snowballer, coins will pop out of them. Grab them quick before they disappear. At the end of your game you can use these coins to upgrade your character. Become stronger, faster, and throw different snowballs.

When you have purchased all the upgrades, the coins you collect will be converted into points at the end of each level. 100 points for each coin. Now you can earn an even higher score!

Pacifist Mode

(optional play style)
To enter Pacifist Mode simply do not knock down any of the enemies with snowballs on level one. When time runs out you will earn 300 points instead of loosing a heart. As soon as you knock down an enemy you will exit Pacifist Mode for the rest of the game. You can still earn points from hitting pickles and the star multipliers are X3 instead of X2.