Jump off ramps and use your turbo to stay in the air and land gently. Score as many points as you can.

How to Play

Hold the space bar to turbo when you are in the air. Turboing uses up your fuel. Go through green rings to refill your fuel bar. Use the arrow keys to do tricks.

When you land your bike make sure to use turbo to slow down your speed and land softly. If you hit the ground too fast you will crash. You can hit jumps at any speed and safely bounce off them.


Rings - Score more points for going through the center of the rings 100>>>200>>>300. If you do a flip trick through a ring you will earn 400 points.

Landing - Score more points for landing gently. 300>>>600>>>800>>>1000

Fuel Bonus - At the end of each level you get points for how much fuel you still have in your turbo bar.

Seagulls - Score 200 points for kicking a seagull.