Grab the treasure and avoid the rocks and bad guys.

How to Play

You are going repelling down a pit filled with gold and other treasure. Click on the screen to jump to that position. While you are jumping move the mouse up and down to go up or down. Click the mouse while in the air to swing your pick. You can break rocks and defeat your enemies with your trusty pick.

If you run into rocks or bats you will get hurt. When your health bar is empty you will fall off the screen. On the way down you can still bump into stuff and bounce back up into the air. You will still have limited control over your character. If you fill your gold bar while falling you will be saved.


Grab gold and diamonds and destroy rocks and bats to earn points. Fill your gold bar by collecting gold. When it is full you get four bonuses. If your health meter is not full, the bonuses go to your health meter and fill it up a bit. Once your health meter is full the bonuses go over to your money bag and give you tons of points.