Someone is bugging you. Relax and try not to kick them.

How to Play

Click the blue bars when the black square is over the green square. If you miss a square or click when the black square isn't on top of the green square, you will become angry. If you get too angry you will blow your top and kick. Kicking means game over.


You will get more points the closer the back box is to the center of the green box when you click the blue bar.

Bonus Round

During the bonus round click anywhere on the screen when a black square is over a yellow or green square. Yellow squares give you extra time. For each green square you get your heart will grow. If your heart is fully grown at the end or the bonus round, you will be fully relaxed when the next level starts.


You can change the way the characters look and what they say. Nothing nasty now. Use this game to practice staying relaxed when your little sister, boss, or ex-wife is bugging you.